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An American Bankruptcy Alliance Site
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  • Online Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
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  • American Bankruptcy Alliance provides Same Day Service
  • Full-Service Preparation
  • Unlimited Number of Creditors
  • Fully Court-Ready Documents
  • Sign and File
  • All Documents Up-to-date
  • Joint Filing at No Extra Cost
  • Stop Creditor Harassment
  • Stop Debt Collectors
  • Stop Auto Repossessions
  • Stop Lawsuits
  • Keep Your Home
  • Keep Your Cars
  • Guaranteed Results
  • COVID-19 up-to-date

With American Bankruptcy Alliance it is all about quality and quality comes from meticulous attention to details. Because of our decades of experience, we are absolutely sure your bankruptcy document will meet or exceed the requirements and we back this with a full money-back guarantee.

Your privacy is important to American Bankruptcy Alliance and this is why American Bankruptcy Alliance never shares your information with anyone. American Bankruptcy Alliance uses the information you give strictly for preparing your documents as described in our privacy policy. 

The security of the information that you give us is important to you as well as to us. This is not limited to your payment information alone but extends to the information your give us to prepare your documents. Our servers and facilities are certified PCI compliant, which is the banking and credit card industry standard for data safety. 

When you pay American Bankruptcy Alliance for our services, we do not store your payment information anywhere. It is passed straight through to your credit card bank by the authorized credit card gateways, and no trace of your payment information is retained by us in any way. This means that you can confidently conduct your transaction on our" site knowing that it is impossible for your payment information to get into the wrong hands.

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