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With American Bankruptcy Alliance it is all about quality and quality comes from meticulous attention to details. Because of our decades of experience, we are absolutely sure your bankruptcy document will meet or exceed the requirements and we back this with a full money-back guarantee.

Your privacy is important to American Bankruptcy Alliance and this is why American Bankruptcy Alliance never shares your information with anyone. American Bankruptcy Alliance uses the information you give strictly for preparing your documents as described in our privacy policy. 

The security of the information that you give us is important to you as well as to us. This is not limited to your payment information alone but extends to the information your give us to prepare your documents. Our servers and facilities are certified PCI compliant, which is the banking and credit card industry standard for data safety. 

When you pay American Bankruptcy Alliance for our services, we do not store your payment information anywhere. It is passed straight through to your credit card bank by the authorized credit card gateways, and no trace of your payment information is retained by us in any way. This means that you can confidently conduct your transaction on our" site knowing that it is impossible for your payment information to get into the wrong hands.


What results do you want your chapter 7 bankruptcy to achieve? Of course it is to get your debts discharged or erased. Yet a lot of people who file bankruptcy do not insist on a guarantee of the discharge from their attorney or bankruptcy preparer.

With American Bankruptcy Alliance, it is all about getting you the results that you expect and we do more about it than just promising to prepare the documents for you. We guarantee that if you order our Complete Full-Service product or our Ultimate Full-Service product, you will get your debts discharged or your full money back.

We call it the Insane Guarantee.

American Bankruptcy Alliance can guarantee you your discharge because we prepare the absolute best chapter 7 bankruptcy filing of anyone, including most attorneys. The reason is that preparing bankruptcies is all we do and in over 20 years of doing this, we have perfected the process. American Bankruptcy Alliance has prepared more than 20,000 consumer online bankruptcies. It is just that simple.

Because of our extensive experience, historically, all our customers who select our Complete Full-Service product or under our Ultimate Full-Service product, get the chapter 7 bankruptcy discharged. The only exceptions are a few people who file bankruptcy without the intent of getting a discharge, but just want to use the process to delay a foreclosure on their house. If you want a discharge of your debts in a chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, we are the only bankruptcy company that can guarantee it to you.

Again, when American Bankruptcy Alliance prepares your online bankruptcy under our Complete Full-Service product or under our Ultimate Full-Service product, we back the quality of our work with the only money-back guarantee of its kind, the Insane Guarantee. American Bankruptcy Alliance does not just guarantee our online bankruptcy documents or that they will be successfully filed with the courts. 

We guarantee the results that you will get. In other words, we guarantee that you will get a discharge of your debts or your full money back.

In contrast, there is not a single chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer anywhere that guarantees you a discharge. We do it because we are that sure of the fact that you will get your debts discharged if we prepare your online chapter 7 bankruptcy for you. After all, getting your debts discharged is what you want, right?

There is a misconception among bankruptcy filers that the result of their chapter 7 bankruptcy filing will depend on who prepares the online bankruptcy for them. People who think this way stretch themselves beyond their means to hire expensive lawyers. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The outcome of your online chapter 7 bankruptcy filing depends entirely on the quality of the documents. It does not matter who prepares the documents. It makes no difference whether you type the documents yourself or whether you use an attorney or a full-service bankruptcy preparation specialist such as our company. The reason is that chapter 7 bankruptcy is an administrative process, not a legal one. That is the key.

What is an administrative process? An administrative process is a process that does not involve the filing of a law suit. Examples of this are applying for social security benefits, getting a drivers license or getting a fishing permit. Because you do not need a lawsuit to do these things, they all depend on your eligibility to get what you are applying for, and how correctly you fill out the application for what you are trying to get.

Consumer chapter 7 bankruptcy filing is the same. When you file chapter 7 bankruptcy, you do not file a lawsuit and no one is suing you. You are merely applying to get the chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge that you are eligible for, and to do this, you need correct paperwork ... and this is where the quality of the documents come in.

When you file chapter 7 bankruptcy as a consumer, you do not see a judge at any time, period. The process is handled by a trustee, who often times is not even an attorney, and their job is to check the paperwork to see if you are eligible for the discharge.

If money is tight for you, then save yourself the cost and aggravation and let us prepare the best quality online bankruptcy filing for you. Below are our bankruptcy products. Look them over to select the right one for you.